Tech Blades

Tech Blades offer very high quality and long lasting doctor blades, which has been specifically developed for flexographic printing. Taking into account the needs and requirements of the industry, Tech Blades uses a raw material which has been constructed from the purest Swedish steel available on the market worldwide. No non-metallic components such as sulfates can be found in Tech Blades’ steel (such as in steel that is coming from Asia).

Tech Blades has partnered with an experienced producer of doctor blades. The production uses the best equipment available on the market worldwide. Therefore Tech Blades is able to offer very strict tolerances of a few micron combined with a phenomenal surface finish.

Doctor Blades-AllFlexo

Tech Blades offers doctor blades specialized for the worldwide flexographic printing industry. Extreme smoothness, straightness, uniform wear and surgical precision is what qualifies a Tech Blade, resulting in the lowest doctor blade pressure required.

Alloy Content or coated Anti corrosion Wear resistance out of 30 Brittle-ness Special application
Tech Basic Zero No 1 Low Entry level
Tech Basic+ Low Chrome No 1.5-3 Slightly Entry level
Tech Chrome High Chrome Yes 1.5-3 Slightly Water-based inks & coatings Coating stations
Tech Vanadium Chrome Molibdem Nickel Vanadium Yes 5-10 Low Used on – white deck – very long print jobs – very abrasive inks
Tech Tough Coated Yes 10 Low High Hardness, can run above 2 Million meters without changing
Tech Smooth Coated Yes 15 Low Very low friction, no heating of the blade at all. Up to 3 Million metres
Tech Ultimate Coated Yes 30 Low Can run up to 5-6 million meters
Tech Plastic Plastic Yes Depends on application N/A Corrugated market, old generation. Sometimes used as containment blade

Edge Profiles

Doctor Blades-Rounded Edge-AllFlexo
  • Rounded Edge: There is no running-in time required as the initial angle is always correct. It is long lasting and has a high blade rigidity. Applications includes printing combinations of screens and solids.
Doctor Blades-Bevel Edge-AllFlexo
  • Beveled Edge: Comes with a thin rounded tip and a straight pre-honed sturdy bevel tip, making it suitable for high pressure working conditions and long print runs.
Doctor Blades-Lamella Edge-AllFlexo
  • Lamella Edge: This lamella tip has been specifically engineered for printing fine screens.

Steel Blades

Tech’ Steel Doctor Blades are special due to the use of the highly refined, purest form of raw material available worldwide. Tech Steel Blades have an extremely pure chemical composition, small size of carbides, very high density and therefore no porosity. This results in a very uniform and slow blade wear throughout the entire length of the blade.

» Tech Basic

Tech Basic is our no-nonsense entry-level doctor blade for flexo printing. A simple, all-round doctor blade made from high-quality pure steel.

» Tech Basic+

Tech Basic+ is our one-up from Tech Basic. Due to the use of chrome Tech Basic+ features a wear resistance which can be up to three times longer than Tech Basic.

» Tech Chrome

Tech Chrome has a high chrome content making this blade our stainless steel champion for water-based inks and coating stations.

» Tech Vanadium

Tech Vanadium is the ultimate steel blade for flexo printing. Composed with a high alloy content with exotic compounds results in an extremely long lasting doctor blade (10x longer than Tech Basic). Used when printing long runs, white decks or with very abrasive inks, Tech Vanadium will outperform any non-coated steel doctor blade on the market for flexo printing.

Coated Blades

Tech Coated Blades are engineered to last. While being able to run millions of meters, the offset in cost saving more than doubles the slightly higher investment in these premium blades.

» Tech Tough

Tech Tough is nickel plated for high hardness. Tech Tough can run over two million meters without changing the blade. Tech Tough raises the bar and sets the standard for long-lasting doctor blades used in flexo printing.

» Tech Smooth

Tech Smooth features very low friction. Therefore induces no heating of the blade at all. No thermal deformation resulting in an even longer lasting blade since the wear of the anilox is also less. Three million meters or more is no exception for Tech Smooth.

» Tech Ultimate

Tech Ultimate is the longest lasting blade on the market with instantaneous payback. Tech Ultimate has a unique coating which combines hardness and smoothness in the best possible way so that five to six million print meters can be achieved without replacing the blade.

Plastic Blades

» Tech Plastic

Tech Plastic Blades are mainly used for the post print corrugated market or those that are running older presses. Tech Plastic Blades can also be used as an ink containment blade.