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AllFlexo is  Toyobo’s official distributor for flexo printing products in Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Romania and Denmark. Toyobo has always been on the forefront of the flexo plate making industry. As a pioneer, it was the first company in the world which launched the water washable printing plates, Cosmolight. Toyobo has worked to adapt to the changing times over the course of its history of more than 130 years and has continued to develop knowing of its corporate social responsibilities.


The plate making process is a significant part of flexography. Therefore AllFlexo is, among several other flexo printing products, distributing the range of plate processing equipment of its sister company AV Flexologic. The range of equipment consists of orbital as well as in line processors. There are 6 steps in the Cosmolight® CTP plate-making process. For a more detailed explanation of the plate making process you can watch the video.

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A division of AllFlexo, operating under the trade name Tech Sleeves® offers Bridge and Plate Sleeves for the global flexographic printing industry. Tech Sleeves combines 25 years of experience with a skilled and innovative engineering team, striving to increase the printing quality and overall efficiency for flexo printers. The strength of Tech Sleeves is the durability and stability of the products, which is due to the choice of high-quality materials used in the production process.

For more information visit Tech-Sleeves.com

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Toyobo Printing Plates

Unmatched print quality and yet sustainable

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Environmental friendly production aids

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High quality photopolymer flexo plate making equipment

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Highest quality composite printing sleeves and bridges

Sleeve Storage System

A custom engineered project which consists of multiple modular systems