Plate Processing Equipment

Allflexo distributes the range of flexo printing supplies of sister company AV Flexologic. The range of equipment consists of various types and sizes.


The Cosmoline inline washer and drying unit is one machine of the flexo printing supplies that AllFlexo distributes. It is based on the flat wash out principle. The inline system ensures continuous plate processing. The plates enter the machine on one side and exits on the opposite side where the plate is dried in-line at the exit.

The plate to be processed is attached to a self-adhesive carrier and fed through the processor. A sensor measures the plate length to activate the different stages of the process only when needed. The carbon and unexposed polymer are removed by the oscillating brush while the finest exposed dots remain. A strong water flow keeps the brushes clean. After the washing cycle, the plate is flushed with clean water to remove the final particles.

Plate Processing Equipment Cosmoline AllFlexo

A multi-stage filtration system is integrated to ensure the processing water is continuously cleaned. A micro-filtration system in combination with a centrifugal filter ensures the processing water is continuously cleaned while removing solid polymer particles.

Optionally the system can be fitted with exposure/ anti-tack drawers.

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Plate Processing Equipment Features: Cosmoline – Inline washout machine for flexo water plates – max plate width 920mm

  • Touch screen controller of each working phase
  • Black mask removal brush for digital plates
  • Wash out brush with orbital movement
  • pH controlled measurement and automatic soap dispensing
  • Section with fresh water rinsing
  • Sponge roll for pre drying
  • Low noise level
  • Temperature control of the washout water
  • Separation of wash out solution and fresh water section in order to keep the pH level stable
  • Exit table
Plate max width 900
Plate thickness 1.14 – 2.84 [mm]
Electrical connection 380 V, 3 Phase, 50-60 Hz, 16 Amp.
Weight Approx 750 kg
W x D x H 3438 x 1526 x 1045 [mm]