Environment friendliness is the need of the hour

Become more user friendly with Toyobo water washable flexo plates

Water washable flexographic printing plates are beneficial in more than one way. Not only are they environmental friendly, they also bring you savings. That being environment friendly costs a fortune is just a myth. At AllFlexo, we value the environment as much as value the quality, which is why we are committed to making the environment friendly solution inexpensive and the resulting experience priceless.

Job runs are getting shorter due to the rise of consumerism and expanding choices for customers while at the same time brand owners focus on increased brand consistency and enhanced print quality. By using Toyobo water washable flexo printing plates, you have the needed level of control over your print quality as well as an inexpensive, environmental and user friendly solution.

Advantages of using Toyobo water washable printing plates

Cost savings

Because Toyobo water washable flexo plates are processed with normal tap water and a mild detergent you save costs as expensive solvents are not needed. It even results in a reduced drying time due to which you reduce your energy spending.

Time savings

By eliminating the need for solvents, the drying time is shortened and thus saves valuable and scarce time. The time saved allows you to run more jobs and increase your productivity.



User friendliness

The fact that Toyobo water washable flexo plates can be processed with tap water and a mild detergent, allows you to process without VOCs. This makes working with Toyobo water washable plates more pleasant and less risky for operators as they are not exposed to chemical emissions or other hazardous substances.

In conclusion it can be said that an environmental and user friendly product does not have to be an expensive solution. Considering that the health of operators is not negatively affected, the savings are even greater. All in all your carbon footprint as a flexo printer can be reduced by using water washable flexo plates.

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