Incredible print quality, unrivalled ink transfer and superb ink laydown

Crisp dots, smooth vignettes, solid area density, extended colour gamut, “No Label Look”: one solution for printers who want more!

Packaging is the “face” of the company and a first point of contact for the customer. No matter how good the product is, if the packaging is not appealing, the product won’t be appealing. Additionally, good packaging is the best way for brand owners to differentiate themselves from competition. This puts a lot of pressure on printers for quality and consistent print results.

Moreover, due to the increasing number of promotions, seasonal campaigns and design variations; getting smooth vignettes, the right opaque, printing crisp dots and perfect solid area without pin holes or making labels without that “No Label Look” is becoming a challenge. More often than not, compromises have to be made to get either crisp dots and smooth vignettes or solid area densities and right opaque. But we can help you address all these challenges with just one solution.

Incredible Print Quality

With Toyobo water washable printing plates you can print:

  1. Crisp dots
  2. Smooth vignettes
  3. Solid area density
  4. Extended colour gamut
  5. “No label look”

The unique chemical composition of the Toyobo water washable flexo plate creates optimum surface energy allowing phenomenal ink transfer. This allows you to have optimal ink laydown at minimal printing pressure. The ability of Toyobo water washable plate to lay down ink perfectly not only empowers you to achieve right opaque and print nice solid area densities, but also delivers consistent high print quality results with minimal dot gain. Moreover, as the plate transfers the ink easily on to the substrate without much needed pressure, the plate doesn’t wear down quickly increasing the life span of the plate and minimizing dot gain.

Other advantage of Toyobo water washable printing plate is that its wide exposure latitude enables you to print crisp dots as well as negatives and solids on the same plate. This makes it ideal for printing with fixed colour; a trend although not new, much discussed these days.

The superb ink laydown and phenomenal ink transfer that allows the printer to print great solids along with smooth vignettes makes Toyobo water washable plate a much preferred choice for many printers.

 “One solution for printers who want more.”

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