Save time and money in pre-press

Become more efficient and productive with Toyobo’s water washable flexo plates.

Time is a precious resource. Optimizing your workflow to save time in pre-press during the plate making process can influence your entire operation and profitability. Your productivity will boost as you can dedicate more hours to produce sellable products, or deploy your staff to other valuable activities. Know how our water washable plates can help boost your overall productivity by saving valuable time and optimizing your workflow in the pre-press department.

Water washable printing plates

Advantages of using Toyobo’s water washable printing plates:

  1. Shorter processing time
  2. Ability to run more jobs
  3. Boost your pre-press efficiency
  4. Ability to respond to last minute changes
  5. Ability to take up rush jobs

The photopolymer composition of a solvent plate absorbs solvent during processing which causes the plate to swell. Therefore, the plate requires longer drying time to ensure that the solvent has been evaporated from the photopolymer. At best it takes a solvent plate about 1 hour to dry completely. In comparison, Toyobo’s water washable plate does not need solvents and therefore the plates do not swell. Only the water on surface needs to be evaporated and so the drying time is much shorter. The water washable plate from Toyobo is dry in just 5 to 15 minutes, saving at least 45 minutes per plate. Thus, the water washable printing plate from Toyobo is a time saving solution for customers who would like to boost their productivity.

The chart below illustrates the time saved with Toyobo’s water washable flexo plates

Water washable printing plates



The time that you saved during the processing of the Toyobo water washable flexo plates compared to processing solvent based plates, can be converted into saved labour costs. As the processing of water washable plates can save at minimum 45 minutes per plate. Therefore you can save, if your company is producing 1.000 plates per year, 750 hours of valuable time. At a hourly wage of €45 this would already at up to €33.750 on an annual basis.

 “You cannot recycle wasted time.”

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