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Life from Water is a non-profit organization, founded in 2011 with its headquarter in Egypt. The foundation aspires to eradicate poverty by providing clean and sustainable water solution in regions where the problem of scarcity and water supply is vast. They are doing this by inspiring people through seminars and projects to fight for a better quality of life. In general, more than 780 Million people worldwide don’t have access to consumable water. One million people die on an annual basis due to contaminated water consumption, out of which 80% are children under the age of five. The organization firmly believes that clean drinking water is the right of every individual and they pledge to provide access to clean water to every individual by 2030.

At AllFlexo, sustainability is one of our core values. We want to be responsible for our decisions, operations and products.  Actualizing that, AllFlexo donated a significant amount to the Life from Water Organization for their “Water Entrepreneurs” project.

The “Water Entrepreneurs” project is implemented in Kenya with the aim to empower people and to give them a long-term perspective that helps them become self-reliant. Instead of temporarily supplying clean water, this project aims on providing clean water while eliminating their dependency on such aids. The entire project is divided into 4 phases.

  1. The villages are supplied with water to establish a drink- and hygiene standard.
  2. The fields are being watered to encourage and boost agriculture.
  3. Together with the villagers, sustainable and profitable business models are developed to make people financially independent by selling their crops.
  4. The last phase is to build a community bank (also called “water bank”), where the villagers donate a percentage of their profit to allow the surrounding villages to have the same possibility.

One of our former employees, Felix Neulinger was there to provide anything that would help in finalizing the project. His contribution was significant:

  1. He co-operated with the locals and helped them to develop basic skills and community groups.
  2. Regarding agriculture: he and his planned team implement irrigation systems and provided a basic knowledge to locals regarding farming.
  3. Considering sustainability: locals were convinced to help other villages to plan to implement the same project.

At AllFlexo, we are proud to be part of such great initiatives. We strongly believe that a sustainable world is a better world!