Water Wash Letterpress Plates Printight® QM

Water wash letterpress plates Printight® QM have a number of specialized applications. Printight® QM has a metal base and is available in thicknesses and hardnesss. Fine line, as well as flat-bed printing, is possible with a number of QM versions.

Metal-backed Printight QM plates can also be used as a replacement for engraved plates in dry offset printing. The benefit of using a water wash letterpress plates Printight® QM process is the high-quality detail 175 Lines per Inch (LPI). Using water-processed photopolymer plates for dry-offset improves flexibility and reduces operating cost.

The key advantage, as with all other Toyobo photopolymer printing products: solvent-free plate making, washout is done with water.

Toyobo-Cosmolight QM-Water Washable Printing Plate-AllFlexo

Advantages Printight® QM Water Washable CTP Letterpress Plates

High and clear reproduction of dots

No need to produce a film negative

Fast processing times

Existing CTP devices can be used

Typical applications for Printight® QM CTP Letterpress photopolymer plates

Cans(dry offset)

Plastic Cups and containers(dry offset)

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