Water Washable Letterpress Printing Plate Printight® QF

Toyobo water washable letterpress printing plate Printight® QF have a polyester film base and are available in various thicknesses and hardnesss. The key advantage, as with all other Toyobo photopolymer printing products: solvent-free plate making, eliminating the use of toxic and environmentally burdening washout chemicals. Washout is done with water.

Water washable letterpress printing plate Printight® QF are available in versions suitable for flat bed and rotary letterpress printing.

Toyobo-Letterpress Digital Plates-AllFlexo

Advantages Printight® QF Water Washable CTP Letterpress Plates

High and clear reproduction o dots

No need to produce a film negative

Fast processing times

Existing CTp devices can be used

Typical applications for Printight® QF CTP Letterpress photopolymer plates



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