How to avoid damaging your printing sleeve.

The quality maintenance of your printing sleeve is a very significant fact in order to guarantee precision in your printing process. Due to incorrect handling, Sleeves may have some damages over time. Some of them are presenting below:

  • Damaged surface
  • Damaged edges
  • Damaged slots

With the following blogpost, we would like to present you our “sleeve cutting line”. This metal cutting line prevents one of the most common damages mentioned above, a damaged surface due to cutting into the sleeve while taping.


What is this metal cutting line?

A cutting or scribe line is always provided with our sleeves. Tech Sleeves is offering this cutting line as a substitute in order to forestall damaging because of cutting into the printing sleeve while applying tape to the .

This cutting line is a reinforced metal plate of 0.5 mm which is milled and fastened into the length of the sleeve. Finishing is done by a diamond stone grinder so that the surface of the strip is smooth with the rest of the sleeve surface.

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