Environment friendly is operator friendly

Although the water washable plate processing technology has been around for quite some time, it is rapidly gaining popularity these days as an economical and environment friendly alternative. Part of the reason for the rising interest in water washable technology is the growing consciousness towards the environment, also supported by the European Council Directive 1999/13/EC, stipulating that emissions of volatile organic compounds should be limited. Toyobo Cosmolight water washable flexo plates are processed with water and only a small amount of mild detergent, allowing a flexo printer to process without VOCs. The lack of VOC solvents makes the process not only eco-friendly, but also makes it friendlier for your employees.

By using Toyobo Cosmolight, a flexo printer can save up to 6 litres of solvent needed per m² on an average.These hydrocarbon based solvents and other toxic cleaning chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, are harmful to the environment and need proper disposal and ventilation systems in place. The lack of such toxic chemicals improves the carbon footprint of a company and saves costs on installing such systems. More interestingly, the polymers released during the processing of any other solvent-based plate are disposed as a chemical waste, while the polymers of Cosmolight flexo plate can be disposed as a regular household waste. Additionally, Toyobo plates only need a fraction of the drying time needed for that of a solvent plate, reducing the energy consumption for a flexo printer. Moreover, as Toyobo Cosmolight does not absorb water/solvent during the processing, temperature of approximately 40°C is needed, instead of the approximate 60°C needed to dry the solvent plates. This further reduces the energy consumption. Thus, Toyobo Cosmolight water washable flexo plates are the perfect solution for environmentally conscious customers.

The benefits of using Toyobo Cosmolight are not just limited to the environment; it is also beneficial for your employees. Operators are exposed to the solvent plate emissions during various stages of the processing. The emitted fumes of VOC solvents may also come into contact with the workers around the storage tanks and distillation units, while the solvents are being regenerated and the waste is being stored or disposed. Thus, adequate ventilation must be provided in all areas where solvents are used.

Environmen friendly is operator friendly

Despite these measures, contact with solvent emissions can lead to respiratory discomfort, headaches or eye irritation. Toyobo Cosmolight plates, processed without VOC’s, avoid the exposure of operators to such hazardous situations. Thus, Cosmolight flexo plate is beneficial for your operators.

As Toyobo Cosmolight water washable plates are processed with water and only a small amount of mild detergent, the non-crosslinked polymers are dissolved easily. When the plates are processed in a closed system such as the AquaSupreme or CosmoLine, the amount of water consumed for processing is also limited. Moreover, the dissolved polymer particles are easily filtered out with the help on an integrated membrane or centrifugal filter. This allows the flexo printer to re-use the water. Eventually, this water can be disposed easily with the polymer waste, without burdening the environment or exposing the operator.

Toyobo Cosmolight is certainly beneficial for the environment as well as the operators working in a flexo press. Nevertheless, there are many other advantages to using Toyobo Cosmolight for flexo printing. The lack of use of solvents and the disposal system needed for them helps save tangible costs for the printer, while the quick processing time allows a flexo printer to respond to last minute changes and reduce downtime due to replacement of broken and/or damaged plates.

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